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What a difference to be able to have built-in presets that change your Rumble Stage bass amplifier to match the most popular amplifiers of all time in history. It like have a bunch of different bass amplifiers in your studio and switching from one to another on the fly with the turn if a knob. Then on top of that having the ability of creating your own sound that you created yourself. Forgot all those pedals you used to carry around and use the amp to build your own pedals that are like the classics of the past.

Included is a multi function 4 button floor pedal that does looping and effects that you program yourself. Plain and short now you have a modern Bass Amplifier that can do pretty much anything. Using the Fender Mustang GT as a beginner I thought would be too much amp for me but it makes learning wonderfully fun and the app helps considerably.

fender fuse

Only practice can make someone a better guitar player but there is something to be said for being able to hear such beautiful and unique tone coming through. Presets from other users further inspire my own creativity and, though I am just starting out, the motivation to find my own tone is there.

I was able to grasp how to use the app right away and find myself exploring features both using the controls on the amp or through the app. Great design and all around great product. Decent amp but the companion Tone App makes it fantastic and a compelling force on the modeling amp landscape. After a couple years of perfecting Fender Fuse and still struggling to embrace it, The Tone App blows fuse out of the water and makes this whole tone control, tone presets and amp modeling thing fun again!

Sorry Fender but yes, the Mustang III, V2 does have a slightly better sound and I wish GT was equal but it sounds good enough and with a little manipulation with tones using this amazing and easy to use app you can find your sound! My only requests so far for future release Preset back up in a cloud! Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

fender fuse mac

App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Apr 13, Version 3. Ratings and Reviews See All. Size Category Music. Compatibility Requires iOS Languages English, Spanish. Price Free. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Fender Tune - Guitar Tuner. Guitar Lessons Fender Play. Fender Songs Guitar Chords. AmpliTube CS.

AmpliTube CS for iPad.Access a collection of samples and configurable elements working with a wide range of styles and sound types. Save the current profile and share its settings online with a musical community. Our antivirus check shows that this download is safe. This free program was originally designed by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. The most popular versions of the software 2. Fender Fuse app can cover a range of styles and sounds, which can be customized further if you wish.

It has a simple interface, with gain, volume, treble, bass, and master volume. Windows Mac. Developer: Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. License: Freeware.

Comments You can also add comment via Facebook. Thank you for rating the program! Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote.

Notify me of replies from other users. Subscribe to comments:. Lapree jr. Reply Was it helpful? Latest update: Dec 13, Related software. D-Fend Reloaded Utilities. Fendt Comic Screensavers. Tone Stack Calculator Music Production. Velvet Music Production. Fender Telecaster Dvi Music Production. Downloaded for.Discussion in ' Amp-a-ridifiers ' started by billybMar 6, Log in or Sign up. Squier-Talk Forum. Fender Fuse support being axed on March 20th! Age: 57 The download link has been working only sporadically for the last year SoleilSF likes this.

Age: 71 B StockMar 6, I just picked up a used Superchamp last month so I checked out the spftware. Everyone raved about how it you could make the amp sound so much better. I found it kinda useless, but I honestly didn't play with it that much. I don't have patience for that kinda tinkering anymore. The forums have been deal for years by the looks of things. Most threads date back to IIRC. That's two for two on modelers I have bought that have been abandonware.

This one and Line 6 Amplifi. I like both amps, but it's a little disheartening to see things dropped so fast after they hit the market. The Forum itself has been dead for about a year or so Well at least it's "talking" now. And don't forget, other amps use Fuse And I agree you don't need Fuse to run any of these amps but it certainly helps to run the G-Dec because it doesn't have the helpful screen as on the Mustang III and up amps.

Frankly I had problems too downloading presets and again, frankly, I didn't like a lot of what I downloaded. But thank you, Billyb, for pointing this out to use.

Fender Mustang owners: where can I download the Fender Fuse?

I will be using the next two weeks to download manuals, and other stuff. The G-Dec is unique because you can download different "sets" of Fender presets. I have my G-Dec loaded with the "country" card which has a lot of acoustic and other clean-dominated settings but I can download them all and then store them on SD cards.

It has supposedly a Tone 3. However the amp is not out I have two Blackstars that use the Insider software but they are very limited so I do have that.

RalphC41Mar 6, Age: 73 10, Fender is just doing what so many 'tech' companies do. Create a product, get people to buy into it, and then say "sorry! I say "screw that. That is why Jan and I like to own our software, music and films. To buy it once and have it as close to forever as possible.

Adobe did that with Photoshop.It is a successor to MacFUSEwhich has been used as a software building block by dozens of products, but is no longer being maintained. The content of these file systems can come from anywhere: from the local disk, from across the network, from memory, or any other combination of sources. Writing a file system using FUSE is orders of magnitude easier and quicker than the traditional approach of writing in-kernel file systems.

Since FUSE file systems are regular applications as opposed to kernel extensionsyou have just as much flexibility and choice in programming tools, debuggers, and libraries as you have if you were developing standard macOS applications. In more technical terms, FUSE implements a mechanism that makes it possible to implement a fully functional file system in a user-space program on macOS. If you prefer another language say, Python or Javayou should be able to create file systems in those languages after you install the relevant language bindings yourself.

Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Many steps must be followed. I also wanted to access the DSP management functions, which are very important when you begin to seriously use this hardware. But what?

The installation process is full of errors! Impossible to install it… Impossible? When launching the installer we get the first usual problems …. Do you really want to open it? If you encounter more problems, you can copy the installer icon directly on your desktop. This operation could not be achieved. OSS Status erreur The solution is to install the last version of Mono Framework, adapted to Sierra. Install Mono Framework that is adapted to Sierra. The software requires Silverlight. The installation seems to end up correctly.

Now you have this window when you launch Fender Fuse. Fender Fuse gets stuck on the loading page. You can just close it. The problem comes from the Silverlight version that is installed. To resolves this issue, you must update it. Get to this adress, and download the last pakagesn and install them :.

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fender fuse mac

Built using WordPress and the Highlight Theme. Hits: Why? Many of us are not technicians. We are musicians! Installation of Mono Framework ended. Fender Fuse Installer begins.

Fender Fuse installation seems to be ok.

Install Fender FUSE on Mac OSX

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Follow Us.With TechSmith Fuse, its easy to get photos and videos from your mobile device into your favorite TechSmith products, Snagit, Camtasia and A tactical game to challenge your maths and logic!

Players take turn to break fuse s. The one who break the last fuse will LOSE! Try to win Fuse combines slides, images, and videos from multiple files into a singlecohesive presentation. Fuse Hairdressing - Sutton, Surrey. Download now for business information and more. Dans ce jeu vous allez pouvoir contrler l'atterrissage de votre fuse sur une plante.

Cette application vient en complment du livre la fuse de la Fuse Messenger is a simple but powerful Messenger available on google play store. Sort by. Back Close. Free Only. Editor Rating. User Rating. Apply Filters. Results for fender fuse. Publisher: nogree Downloads: Fender Bender. Publisher: GameHitZone Downloads: Fender Tone.

Publisher: Fender Digital Downloads: 5. Team Fender. Publisher: TechnoBrave.

fender fuse mac

TechSmith Fuse. Publisher: TechSmith Downloads: Fuse Puzzle. Publisher: TT Apps Downloads: 2. Fuse Presenter. Fuse Hairdressing. Publisher: Sappsuma.Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Fender Mustang owners: where can I download the Fender Fuse? Mar 12, 1. Messages: Hi to all. I just ordered a Fender Mustang I V2. I did manage to find and download the driver but I still haven't found a link to download the Fuse.

I get that it's not supported anymore but isn't it available at all? Could someone please provide me with a link? Thanks in advance! PS: Win10 Pro 64bit user here. FreedomMar 12, Mar 12, 2. Messages: 8, Last edited: Mar 29, ElantricMar 12, Jabberwocky and Freedom like this. Mar 12, 3. Mar 12, 4. Last edited: Mar 12, Freedom likes this. Mar 12, 5. Messages: 3, The intheblues youtube channel started with creating recipes for FUSE, so search for his stuff on his channel and any forums. Linux might save you, or not.

Here are a couple of breadcrumbs to track down. Freedom and Elantric like this.

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